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Welcome to Iron Mountain Online Payments. The option to pay your bill online, which provides a fast and efficient method to pay your Iron Mountain invoice, is available to Iron Mountain’s physical and digital records customers and Fulfillment Services customers. Payment is only accepted in US dollars. Please provide the following information:

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By clicking Authorize, you, the undersigned customer, hereby authorize Iron Mountain to obtain payment of invoices for storage and services by an electronic debit entry to the bank account listed above, which will be processed through the regular banking system, in an amount equal to the total authorized amount (Total Amount Paid, below). This authorization shall remain in full force and effect for this transaction only or until such time as the total authorized amount is fully satisfied. A non-sufficient funds (NSF) fee in the amount of $20 will be charged for each e-check that is returned by your bank for insufficient funds.   

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**Only choose Medical Records if noted on your Invoice**
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  Automatic Payment Setup

If you do not want to set up Automatic Payment please skip to the payment section.

Iron Mountain can automatically charge your credit card or debit your bank account based on your selection above for your monthly invoice(s). This charge will take place on or about the 10th of each month for the previous month's billing.
Check here to enroll in Automatic Payment

You, the undersigned customer hereby authorize Iron Mountain to obtain payment of invoices for storage and services (past or future) for Iron Mountain services under Customer’s agreement with Iron Mountain from Customer’s credit card or bank account identified above. Iron Mountain may charge the account from time to time and for the amounts set forth in invoices it issues to Customer, or upon expiration of the Customer’s agreement with Iron Mountain, for all storage and services invoiced since the preceding payment without requirement of Customer’s signature for each payment. If Customer wishes to cancel its authorization for automatic payments, Customer may do so by notifying Iron Mountain [by e-mailing us at aronlinepayments@ironmountain.com] at least 30 days prior to such cancellation becoming effective.
I agree to the above terms for Automatic Payment Setup I agree
  Payment Receipt Information
Iron Mountain will send a payment confirmation to the e-mail address you provided for all one-time payments. For customers who enroll in automatic payments, Iron Mountain will provide a payment confirmation through e-mail for your first payment only, along with the terms of this automatic payment authorization. Payment receipts will not be sent for future automatic payments that are processed via your credit card or debiting your bank account based on your selection above for your monthly invoice(s). Please refer to your invoice and credit card or bank statement for payment confirmation.

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The processing may take a few minutes. Please do not resubmit.

Please e-mail all questions to Iron Mountain Accounts Receivable at aronlinepayments@ironmountain.com.